About Us

Saint Bella was birthed in 2016 by Kelsey Lee who began her journey by selling gently used and new items under the affectionate name of "Kelsey's Fab Finds". Upon launching, she realized that customers were intrigued by her gift to piece together aesthetically pleasing looks that expressed the class, strength and even sexiness of their inner woman.

When the business began, Kelsey was a full-time teacher, in graduate school and her mother had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer whose health was declining viciously. It is expected that these happenings led to what is commonly referred to as "burn-out".

Saint Bella is a representation that when it comes to the fire that God has placed inside each of us, nothing can lead to its "burn-out". It is an everlasting flame, despite the hardships that come our way.Β 

Before passing, Kelsey's mother encouraged her to continue with an endeavor that she felt very passionate about, thus Saint Bella pushes forward despite obstacles that try to douse its flame.

We hope that this passion is felt each time you put the fabrics of a Saint Bella garment on your beautiful skin. Most importantly, thank you for helping to keep our fire burning.

Β  Β With Love,

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  ~XoXo Saint Bella